One fits all? The Perfect Media Monitoring Solution for any Customer

One fits all? The Perfect Media Monitoring Solution for any Customer

When looking for the perfect monitoring solution, making sure that the service provides access to the channels we need to monitor is essential. Only then, and when search queries have been created in a targeted manner, a company can be sure that all relevant media content about its brand, its industry or its competitors will reach it.

In order to ease the channel-selection process and to help clients start monitoring the media as soon as possible, eMM has created the convenient Country Packages. In this article, we shine a light on what they are and how they differ from other solutions.

What is a Country Package?

An eMM Country Package includes a number of the most relevant broadcast channels in a country to ensure a comprehensive media coverage in this region. All this, of course, comes with the exceptional eMM service: 24/7, real-time monitoring in the same quality as the original broadcast.

Depending on the size of the selected country, shares of private/public broadcasters and audience reach, a country package usually contains between 10 and 20 TV and radio channels. For example, the Argentine country package contains 15 channels while the USA package includes 54.

Country Package vs. Individual Package

eMM Country Packages are particularly useful for companies and organizations that want to gain an overview of everything that is reported about a brand, a product, a company or any other topic of interest at a national level.

Usually, a client with a very specific regional coverage requirement, will be well served with a customized monitoring solution in the form of an Individual Package. Together with you, eMM can design a package that suits your specific needs by choosing channels from the world’s widest coverage of TV & radio stations.

Should you need channels that are not on out list yet, there is a good chance we can add them to your tailor-made package!

Benefits of Acquiring a Country Package

  1. Start monitoring promptly
    Our Country Packages can be booked at very short notice, there is no long lead time. Our professional team will accompany you on the first steps through our user-friendly online platform and you will be ready to go in no time. You do not want to deal with the setup in any kind of way? We’ll take care of setting up your search profiles if you wish.

  2. Suitable for short-term monitoring projects
    eMM Country Packages are also a great solution for tracking broadcast content over short periods of time. If you need to monitor specific events such as football cups or festivals, our Country Packages could be the perfect choice for you. The minimum booking duration is just one month – without further obligations. However, if you book a subscription that covers several months, we offer attractive price advantages – save up to 50 percent!

  3. Widest country coverage worldwide
    Our Country Packages, which are suitable for one individual customer or end user, are available for numerous countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and South America.

No matter if you go for an eMM Country Package or if you decide that an individual solution suits your requirements better, both options come with a number of features to make your daily media monitoring tasks easier:

  • Set up as many personalized search profiles as you needed.
  • Monitor the media and receive e-mail notifications in real time.
  • Use an unlimited number of keywords.
  • Download or export the monitoring results in a wide range of formats.

To learn more about the eMM Dart platform features or get a free demo with one of our experts, please contact us:

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