One fits all? The perfect monitoring solution for any customer

One fits all? The perfect monitoring solution for any customer

In the search for the perfect monitoring solution, one will sooner or later stumble upon the eMM “Country Packages” – but what exactly is this and what are the differences to other models?

A Country Package includes a number of the most relevant broadcast channels in a country to ensure good overall coverage. All this, of course, 24/7, as usual in real time and in the same quality as originally broadcasted. Depending on the size of the selected country, shares of private & public broadcasters and audience reach, a package usually contains between 10 and 20 channels. The Argentine Country Package for example contains 15 channels while the USA package includes 54.

Country Packages are particularly useful if companies and organizations want to gain an overview of everything that is reported about a brand, a product, a company or any other topic of interest at a national level. If you need very specific regional coverage, then you are well served with a customized monitoring solution.

To create a tailor-made monitoring solution, together with you eMM designs exactly the package you require in order to drive your company or project forward. Choose from a list of thousands of national and regional channels from all available countries exactly those that you want. With eMM you have the advantage of being able to choose from the world’s best coverage of TV & radio stations.

Country Packages: immediate availability and convenient presets

Our Country Packages can also be booked at very short notice, there is no long lead time. Our professional team will accompany you on the first steps through our user-friendly online platform and you will be ready to go in no time. You do not want to deal with the setup in any kind of way? We‘ll take care of setting up your profiles if you wish.

Individual packages with chosen channels take a bit more lead time to be perfectly matched to our customers’ needs, but are then available just as quickly. Should you need channels that are not on our list yet, there is a good chance we can add them to your tailor made package.

Did you know that our Country Packages are also a great solution for tracking broadcast content over short periods of time? If you need to monitor specific events such as football cups or festivals, an eMM Country Package could be your perfect choice. The minimum duration is just one month – without further obligations. Of course, a subscription that covers several months has price advantages – of up to 50 percent!

A Country Package is suitable for one individual customer/end user and is available for numerous countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The eMM Country Packages and individual solutions both include as many personalized search profiles as needed, real-time e-mail notification as well as the unlimited number of keywords.