One fits all? The perfect monitoring solution for any customer.

In the search for the perfect monitoring solution, one will sooner or later stumble upon the eMM "Country Packages" - but what exactly is this and what are the differences to other models? A Country Package includes a number of the most relevant broadcast channels in a country to ensure good overall coverage. All this, of course, 24/7, as usual in real time and in the same quality as originally broadcasted. Depending on the size of the selected country, shares of private & public broadcasters and audience reach, a package usually contains between 10 and 20 channels. The Argentine Country Package for example contains 15 channels while the USA package includes 54. Country Packages are particularly useful if companies and ...
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Presenting our Data Cubes - eMedia Monitor - AMEC

Presenting our BI by eMM Industry Data Cubes for Business Intelligence

AMEC as the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication is the largest media intelligence and insights professional organisation worldwide. They were also host to this years summit „DATA: Analytics, Algorithms, Augmentation“ in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic. We were pleased to have been invited to present our new innovative product BI by eMM Data Cubes at AMEC in Prague to a wide group of high-caliber industry representatives. The audience was eager to know more about the BI by eMM Data Cubes, especially the group of Business Intelligence users. The easy integration of broadcast data into existing business databases is an innovation that creates value when it comes to recognizing correlations between external events and internal data ...
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Business Intelligence as a game changer

Business intelligence as a game changer

It would be an absolute understatement to say that trends in the media and PR industry have been evolving a lot over the last few years. These branches and their way of working with data is constantly changing and always in need for better technologies and insights. Just like private customers, PR and marketing specialists want to be able to choose exactly what information they consume. Instead of randomly switching on the TV and absorbing all aired program, zapping through programmes or intentionally wasting time watching shows that aren’t even really interesting, customers change their habits into more conscious ways of consuming media. They long for possibilites to select the content they consume as well as the time when to ...
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Trolls and other mythical online creatures - facebook - platform - social media

Trolls and other mythical online creatures: How reliable is shared information?

Austria is currently discussing a new law to improve cyber security. Facebook users might have to enter their mobile phone number when opening a social media account since every phone number is linked to personal data. This is supposed to fight inappropriate posts, comments or other forms of social media criminality. And if it occurs, it should be easy to figure out the person behind this online misbehaviour. But isn‘t that a very personal information to disclose? And how come that all these bubbly, happy friend-making online platforms turn into crimescenes? Let‘s take a look. Facebook started in 2006 when everyone who claimed to be 13 years or older could be part of the innovative platform founded by a group ...
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data cubes - business intelligence - monitoring

Business Innovation? Business Intelligence!

At eMedia Monitor we understand the importance of bringing valuable content to our customers. This is why we decided to develop a business tool that is able to build relationships between your internal data and our external data-cubes to create valuable insights. Everyday business transforms more and more into the digital world, the same applies for data consumption. Customers receive data in many different ways that didn‘t even exist a few years ago and also their data production is changing a lot into a more automated direction. Acknowledging these trends was the first step to create our business intelligence solution. It helps users to better understand their impact, revenues and data movements. A good example would be the correlation between ...
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broadcast monitoring - moniroing - pr - agencies

Realtime broadcast monitoring made easy

For companies that are planning to go international or have clients who want to go abroad with their offices, monitoring the current situation might make the big difference. TV and Radio are among the most reliable sources for researching economics and politics, which deliver information that should not be underestimated when considering to go abroad for business. But keeping an overview of so much content is not always the easiest thing to do – as long as no analysis tool is being used. By using a broadcast monitoring system finding, editing and analyzing interviews, insights, and other relevant broadcast clips becomes a breeze compared to manual monitoring. Online tools reduce the workload to a minimum and at the same time ...
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realtime - monitoring - news - media

Once there was a content…

Realtime Media monitoring has been a reliable and immediate source of information for quite a long time now. Search queries are being created, observed and analyzed. Users can watch the new clips rolling in in real time or get a notification immediately after airing. These clips can then be edited and used according to customer‘s needs. But what if I need access to content that aired in the past? Usually, providers offer realtime-monitoring that starts as soon as the search query is created – any content before that is not analyzed. Since sometimes customers have to react on hoc requests and therefore need information from the past, eMedia Monitor created a solution that makes it possible to access aired content ...
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TV - monitoring - media - news

Is TV culture about to decease?

Every other week there are rumors of television „dying“ in countries all over the world, the same applies to the Latin American region. But it is actually nothing like that, TV is part of a vivid culture and more vital than ever. Television is the politician‘s first choice for promoting propaganda, Football events, telenovelas and also the numbers of advertising in TV are rising – with no fall in sight. The devices may change - especially for the younger generation – from large screens to tablets or phones, to be able to watch the content on the go, but television is an important part of their audivisual environment. Also, this generation unites with audience up to the age of sixty ...
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DMA -America - Monitoring - News

A closer look at USA‘s Radio and TV market

If you are dealing with American media you will not be able to get around the term „DMA region“ - but what exactly is a DMA region? The term stands for „designated marketing area“ and describes the area, where the population has access to the same television, radio and broadcast channels. These regions are not necessarily separated geografically, some DMAs might differ although they are in the same state. Some DMA regions vary extremely by number of inhabitants. While there are 7,348,620 TV Homes in New York – America‘s biggest DMA area – only 4,370 can be found in Glendive, the smallest DMA. The US is devided in 210 designated market areas in total, which are determined by their population‘s ...
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monitoring tool - media - news - platform

What‘s new on V2

Customer‘s satisfaction is one of our top priorities just as constantly developing our media monitoring platform for best user experience. Our great team has been working hard on the latest version of the eMedia Monitor Pegasus System to add interesting new features which make our monitoring system even more appealing, efficient and responsive. We optimized our online media monitoring tool for Chrome and Firefox – which work on Windows as well as on MacOS. You can expect a completely new and fresh user interface, with lots of optimizations to ensure a responsive and powerful user experience. The eMedia Monitor Pegasus System is multi lingual with run-time switch of UI language. Create your very own starting page by choosing your favourite ...
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arabic region - مراقبة - المنطقة العربية - pr

Broadcast monitoring is gaining popularity in the Arabic countries

The well established Austrian monitoring company eMedia Monitor sees a rapidly growing demand for broadcast monitoring from Arabic region. A clear trend is visible and to meet its customer‘s needs, eMedia Monitor has been working on the widest coverage of broadcasting channels worldwide – including more than 2,500 channels from 66 countries and eight languages like Arabic, English, German or Spanish. eMedia Monitor is the leading 24/7 real time broadcast monitoring provider in the GCC region and has made it to one of the most recognized monitoring companies worldwide with the widest range of channels - compared to any competitor. The monitoring platform is designed for B2B clients with the perfect business solution for every need. Customers range from public ...
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broadcast radio - news -monitoring - tv

World Radio Day

The radio as we all know it is very well integrated into everyday life. People listen to the radio while driving their car, cooking or sitting at family dinner. It has become our everyday background sound that can have a lot of different functions, such as information, entertainment or distraction. The relevance of the classic broadcast radio has been constantly changing over the last few years. Nowadays additional to the satellite delivered channels, a lot of webradio stations are available. Taking a closer look, most of these are online versions of the radio channels we all know and these are the most listened online channels. And still, the classic broadcast radio is one of the most used medias with a ...
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globalization - media -monitorin - news -tv -radio

Globalization is here! Monitor at every scale from local to global with eMM!

From local to global now also throughout Latin America! eMedia Monitor, leading provider of global real-time Radio and TV monitoring and international supplier to the professional media monitoring industry, responds to the increasing globalization with a complete range of monitoring services available now in additional 15 countries across Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela (in alphabetical order). Globalization overcomes structural barriers, and rises volumes of economic growth, especially in Europe and in Latin America. eMM gives an ongoing boost to the media monitoring markets linked to this rising demand for global monitoring. The use of eMM's fully automated technologies will help you to rise the success of ...
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emm - monitoring - platform - broadcast

eMM boosts Radio and TV monitoring in Spain and Latin America

As one of the technological innovation leaders in Europe, and provides state-of-the-art monitoring of Radio and TV from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru and the Dominican Republic. eMM works with the leading media monitoring organizations in each country. All benchmarks against media monitoring companies using HR have proven eMM to find at least 30% more relevant mentions, and in addition the mentions are detected in real time. eMM wins more and more enthusiastic customers covering their presence on Radio and TV automatically. Since eMedia Monitor launched its Radio and TV monitoring service in 2007, the service has expanded globally, first within Europe, then to Middle East and Australia. Now eMM has greatly extended their coverage in Central and South America ...
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