Why Automated Media Monitoring is also for Small Agencies

Why Automated Media Monitoring is also for Small Agencies

They say that the big fish always tends to eat the small one. This idea is especially common in business, where the size of the company plays an important role in its ability to develop as well as for stakeholders.

Similar applies to the world of communication and public relations. The big communication agencies tend to attract the big clients and, therefore, higher profit. This is partly due to their ability to invest in new technologies and innovative tools to drive their daily work.

The problem is that these tools often come at a high cost that smaller agencies cannot easily afford. This is no longer a reason for small agencies to throw in the towel and give up on competing with the big guys.

Staying small has unquestionable advantages such as process control and being able to offer high quality standards. Digitalization together with the increasing application of diverse technologies in businesses have led to a number of efficient tools, such as fully automated media monitoring solutions, accessible to any business, regardless of size!

Benefits of Media Monitoring for Small Agencies

Media monitoring is an activity within the reach of small communications, marketing and PR agencies. With fully automated media monitoring solutions like Pegasus by eMedia Monitor, small companies, too, are able to monitor media coverage efficiently, independently, and affordably. And this is how:

1. Independent Management

The essence of any small business is the ability to independently take care of any part of the production or business process. This ensures that the work is performed to the same high quality standards and in the same manner as all other tasks within the agency’s competence.

Instead of having the work done by an external company, an automated monitoring platform used internally and managed independently is a great advantage to maintain control as well as an overview. By being able to deliver all information directly and knowing the process this also promotes clients’ trust.

In addition, thanks to the automatic alert configuration, it is not necessary to check the platform constantly to monitor the channels. Every time a result matching the queries appears, editors receive an email with the relevant information.

2. All-In-One Media Monitoring Platform

Automated media monitoring usually requires a high investment in technical equipment for capturing, processing, analysis and storage of content, as well as physical space for this equipment. This is no longer necessary with solutions such as the eMM Pegasus online platform.

It requires no installation and works with the given computers used in the office on a daily basis. It is as simple as logging into the platform and starting to work with the automated media monitoring tool. Customers save investment cost on technical equipment and simply pay for the service they use.

3. Tailor-Made Media Monitoring Plans

With the wide variety of media outlets and sources available, deciding what and where to monitor can be a difficult decision. eMM’s media monitoring plans aim to make this step easier so that clients can quickly, easily, efficiently and cost-effectively start monitoring their topics of interest.

eMM’s country packages, for example, allow you to monitor up to 20 national radio and TV channels, with no limit to the number of search profiles you can set! This allows you to work with several clients at the same time and at no additional cost (for a maximum of up to four editors).

In addition, eMM plans also offer the possibility to monitor other sources of information such as online news, podcasts, web TV, and web text according to the client’s needs.

4. Media Monitoring When Needed

Small agencies tend to have a reduced client flow compared to large multinationals. In addition, workflow can be less constant as well, so it’s important to be economically efficient and only spend money on what is really needed.

eMM’s media monitoring plans allow you to decide freely and be flexible when it comes to packages. The duration of the service can be limited to a month, quarter, a year or longer, depending on what the agency or its clients require. This way, money is not committed on a permanent basis and spending is controlled.

Additionally, within the duration chosen for the service, eMM offers incomparable flexibility in terms of countries and channels that are monitored. These can be added and removed according to your or your client’s needs.

5. Worldwide Coverage

Just because an agency is small, doesn’t mean that it has to give up on the extra requirements that large international companies have, such as international media coverage in multiple languages.

With eMM, also small agencies can offer monitoring the media in several countries or languages for their clients, if required. Our coverage includes more than 3,400 channels from more than 75 countries and in many languages.

6. Smart Features Making Media Monitoring Even More Functional

Another important aspect is that small agencies opting for a media monitoring solution don’t have to settle for a basic tool. eMM includes a variety of additional functions - at no extra cost but with a lot of added value.

The Teamwork feature, for example, allows several users to work simultaneously while the progress is saved. This avoids double work, which ultimately results in efficient utilization of resources and time.

A 30-day archive of audio and video recordings is also part of the solution (longer upon request), which prolongs the time to edit and permanently saves relevant clips before they disappear.

Whatever the size of the agency, eMM Pegasus is the best media monitoring service you can get. Take the full power of automated, 24/7 worldwide monitoring in your hand, affordably. For more information, please contact our team.


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