OSINT - Using Free, Publicly Available Information To Gain Insights

OSINT - Using Free, Publicly Available Information To Gain Insights

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is an almost infinite source of information. In a nutshell, OSINT is the practice of analyzing freely accessible data from a wide range of repositories such as broadcast media, social media, search engines, public available archives, documentation and so on.

The use of OSINT tools delivers particularly valuable insights within the vast amount of publicly available data and makes it possible to find very specific information there. This may be essential for companies in both the private as well as the public sectors. For example, for press work, marketing measures and last but not least for crisis management activities.

OSINT Tools to Analyze Publicly Available Media Data

Due to the flood of data and information available today, it is simply impossible to continuously observe all relevant sources and filter them according to interests and required topics.

Fortunately, there are many different OSINT tools available for this purpose, depending on the source of information that is aimed to be analyzed. When it comes to broadcast media content, a media monitoring service is the best option since it can track the information disseminated via a variety of public media sources according to the customer’s needs such as TV, radio, or press content among other sources.

As a leading media monitoring company, eMedia Monitor has developed its technology to track media content in-house and offers a comprehensive list of information sources including traditional broadcast radio and TV as well as new digital media such as web TV, podcasts, and online news.

Taking advantage of such OSINT tool, media content can be monitored easily, 24/7 and fully automated using search profiles and  boolean operators. As soon as there is a mention, an automatic alert is being sent by email if requested by the customer.

Increased Security: Keeping an eye on the Dissemination of Business’ Internal Information

OSINT is relevant for almost any industry and profession: from media agencies to political institutions or governmental bodies. With the help of OSINT tools they can not only explore which information about their own business is disseminated from external actors but also discover if there is sensitive information that is publicly available.

With innovative media monitoring services like eMM, the immense amount of information disseminated on TV, radio and online news is made virtually accessible for everyone. Marketing and PR managers, CIOs and communication experts can explore it at any time and are therefore always up to date – even on the go, thanks to the eMM online platform.

Gone are the days in which analyzing the information flow disseminated on the various media sources was exclusive for computer experts. An OSINT tool like eMM Pegasus automatically filters the sources according to predefined search profiles and displays the results in real time. Besides, it includes clever features like the Waterfall, which shows mentions sorted chronologically and by profile and enables users to watch how topics develop over time.

The inclusion of OSINT using a media monitoring service is the most convenient solution to make further analysis, recommendations for action, or to plan future strategies. OSINT makes all the difference in times of crisis as well as in daily business: keep an eye on the development of information and react quickly.

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