The 10 Most Popular News Podcasts in Latin America

The 10 Most Popular News Podcasts in Latin America

Podcast consumption has increased strongly in recent years. More than 620 million people worldwide listened to them in 2021 – that is 88 million more than in the previous year (Statista Digital Market Outlook 2021).

This is an enormous growth considering that the “reinvented radio” emerged less than 20 years ago - in about 2004. However, it enabled broadcasters to disseminate their content on demand via the internet for the very first time.

In addition to the advantage of being able to decide when to listen to content, podcasts also allowed listeners to start downloading content and thus listen to it without an internet connection.

Another feature that makes podcasts so popular is that they are often focused on very specific topics. This is a benefit for both listeners and producers: listeners, who love content matching their interests and producers, on the other hand, who know their listeners better than ever and can therefore offer podcasts tailor-made for their target audience.

All these factors lead to a strong bond between podcast creators and the listeners, which in turn benefit two other important aspects of journalism: trust in the source and loyalty to the medium.

Latin American Podcast Market

Certain markets stand out due to particularly strong growth in recent years, one of them being the Latin American one.

From Mexico to Argentina, Spotify (75.3%) is the top podcast listening platform in Latin America, followed by YouTube (24.9%), Ivoox (17.9%), Apple Podcast, and Google Podcast, according to EncuestaPod 2021 data.

Latin American listeners prefer listening to podcasts about current affairs, political analysis or investigative journalism, including content in Spanish and Portuguese, as Brazil has a great significance in the region. In terms of format, listeners prefer podcasts where information is covered in more detail through conversations, interviews or documentary style.

Top Ten News Podcasts in Latin America

The following list includes the top 10 most popular podcasts in Latin America (July 2022, Triton Digital) about politics, business, science, society and culture in both Spanish and Portuguese:

Titulares Deportivos 1. Titulares Deportivos (BluRadio Group). This is a podcast that disseminates the latest information on the global sports scene with a special focus on Colombia.

CNN 5 Cosas 2. CNN 5 Cosas (Warner Media). CNN en Español publishes every day a series of short podcasts (5 min. approx.) with the five most relevant news of the day.

Boletim Folha 3. Boletim Folha (Folha de S Paulo). A podcast created by one of the largest newspapers in Brazil that provides daily news from Brazil and the rest of the world in Portuguese language.

Mais Recentes 4. Mais Recentes (Grupo Globo Radios). The main commentators of Central Brasileira de Noticias (CBN) broadcast this podcast with daily news, interviews and analysis.

Asi las cosas con Carlos Loret de Mola 5. Asi las cosas con Carlos Loret de Mola (Prisa Radio). This news program is presented by the popular Mexican journalist Loret de Mola and includes interviews with sources and special contributions.

Repórter CBN 6. Repórter CBN (Radios Grupo Globo). Consumers of this podcast listen to the main news of the day in a brief format in Portuguese.

Top Expansión Tecnología 7. Top Expansión Tecnología (Sonoro Global Media Corp). The podcast developed by the Mexican media Expansión brings listeners all the latest news on technology.

Pânico 8. Pânico (Jovem Pan Podcast). Humor, political news and audiovisual content in this podcast in Portuguese language.

Comentaristas 9. Comentaristas (Radio Grupo Globo Group). This podcast includes the day's top headlines and news analysis from the most popular columnists in the Brazilian media.

De todo un mucho 10. De todo un mucho (Stitcher Media). A podcast starring actress Martha Higareda and journalist Yordi Rosado focused on society and culture, mainly Mexican and US topics.

Keeping an Eye on Podcast Content

The latest statistics estimate that worldwide there are around 850,000 active podcasts with more than 45 million episodes in total. With the wide variety of sources available offering podcast content every day, it can be difficult to follow everything and stay on top of the topics of interest.

Media monitoring tools can be the optiomal solution to not miss anything that appears in podcast content. eMedia Monitor offers an online media monitoring platform to track all the mentions about the topics of interest in podcasts but also on television, radio, print and online news, web text and social video. Besides, thanks to its advanced speech-to-text technology eMM monitors the media in several languages.

If you have interest in learning more about the eMM Pegasus media monitoring platform and how it can contribute to reaching your business goals get in contact with our team.

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