Web TV Video Content Complementing Comprehensive Media Monitoring

Web TV Video Content Complementing Comprehensive Media Monitoring

Motion picture is an indispensable part of the media landscape, since the combination of image and sound is the best way for the human brain to absorb information – grasping them is much easier than through written text.

In 2020, almost 28% of online viewers consumed around 10 hours of online video per week (Statista, 2022). Worldwide, publishers are well aware of this fact and supplement their online portals with video content. Besides, social video platforms such as YouTube or Tiktok are still on the raise.

Let’s take a closer look at the internet video trend or, more commonly, web TV.

Internet Video for Everyone

Web TV refers to all audiovisual content that can be found online but is not part of a broadcast medium and is not transmitted as a stream (live). It simply is recorded video content on the Internet, which can often be downloaded.

It is common for TV channels to put video content on the website that has been broadcast via live TV before as well as to add content that was previously streamed so that viewers can watch later or download the content.

But that’s not all: There is also a lot of video content that was specifically created for online media such as video content on newspaper websites. While this type of content may go unnoticed for some consumers, it can have a strong impact for people visiting news media websites daily.

Content on Social Video Platforms

Web TV content can also be found on social media platforms. Thanks to them it became popular among online audiences worldwide.

YouTube users alone consume over a billion hours of content every day, including non-streaming videos, which illustrates the huge impact of the second-most popular social media site internet-wide.

In addition, there are other social video platforms such as Vimeo, which has grown its popularity among businesses, videographers and editors offering specific plans and templates for creators.

These platforms have become important sources of information in addition to traditional media in the past few years. As the demand for this type of video steadily grows so does the amount of information available on these platforms.

From a business and economic point of view, this scenario opens up many opportunities for advertising and getting in contact with the audience.

Web TV Media Monitoring

Companies worldwide looking for new ways to connect with their target groups have found web TV content to be a good way to do so. But taking the step is only worth it if efforts and impact can be measured and the company can make sure investing resources pays off.

Web TV also provides an additional view to any topic followed via traditional broadcast media. Thus, companies can gain extra insights of relevant subjects such as sectors, brands or products – or their own public appearance – from a different perspective.

However, tracking this valuable web TV content yourself is not easy, if only due to the amount of available sites and content. Here is where an effective media monitoring solution come into play.

Observing Web TV Content with eMM Pegasus

The eMM Pegasus platform makes it possible to combine web TV content with the results of monitoring other media types, such as traditional broadcast media, which provides an even more accurate overview of the topics of interest.

Pegasus by eMedia Monitor offers customers the possibility to independently track the web TV channels they require due to eMM’s ability to respond precisely and flexibly to the wishes of each customer to create a tailor-made media monitoring solution.

eMM has a unique infrastructure that is able to regularly check the channels being monitored for new publications. This way, no information is missed out on and it remains absolutely clear when a video has been published.

All the benefits that come with the automated media monitoring solution Pegasus by eMM also apply to monitoring web TV, including a range of additional features such as the Teamwork, the Waterfall, the Duplicate Detection, the Query Visualization, and the Transcript Editor.

If you wish to find out more about the countless possibilities from monitoring web-TV content or any of the other media types that eMM Pegasus offers, contact us:


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