eMM Waterfall: The Power of Information Immediacy on One Single Screen

eMM Waterfall: The Power of Information Immediacy on One Single Screen

According to the Gartner report 2021, company’s technology related aspects are among the three top strategic business priorities of CEO’s worldwide. In 2021, 83% of them are committed to increase the investment into the digital capabilities of their company.

But effectively integrating digital solutions in the business’ day-to-day activities also strongly depends on finding the right solution for each individual use case. Above all, the chosen solution should solve the hurdles faced by both companies and employees when dealing with big amounts of data.

The integration of innovative media monitoring solutions into a company’s activities is a good example of how investment in digital capabilities can simplify a process that has traditionally been done manually. A valuabe media monitoring service does not only automatize the collection of data, it also eases the work of the companies and employees who handle the information gathered and therefore saves many resources.

Content organization, accessibility and visualization are some of the key aspects that turns an average monitoring tool into an excellent solution. As a leader in media monitoring, eMM has developed and integrated a unique feature within its media monitoring solution enhancing the monitoring process of any company: The Waterfall.

The eMM Waterfall media monitoring feature displayed as seen by the user.

In short, the Waterfall feature is part of the eMM Pegasus media monitoring tool which simultaneously displays information about all the topics of your interest on a single screen, making it easy to observe them in real-time and watch how they develop. But there is much more to the Waterfall feature than this:

The latest news and alerts in a glance

As the eMM Pegasus platform automatically collects clips in real time, the Waterfall feature organizes them directly into the separated profiles and groups that users have set up beforehand to display them all visually structured and in chronological order on one single screen. The core benefits are:

  1. Allowing businesses and CEOs to save resources or use them for other purposes. The use of the Waterfall makes it redundant to use multiple screens for media monitoring. A single employee can monitor several topics, clients, or channels at once.

  2. Enabling CEOs and employees to be truly up to date and be the first to know about a news item. Should you, a client or any competition be featured in the news, it is essential to be aware of the latest information. Especially in crisis situations, it is necessary to keep the response time short, which is made possible by the real-time display of news. Moreover, the Waterfall tool needs no further setup as it automatically uses the existing profiles and is therefore immediately ready for use.

  3. Providing a clear overview of the information broadcast about your business, competition, or the industryin general at any time. The Waterfall feature puts it all into perspective and lets you stay on top of the news you chose to monitor. Besides, it makes it possible to identify how news evolve: is a topic increasingly appearing? When did it reach a peak? Is a topic starting to disappear on the media?

All these aspects might make the difference between your own company and your competition and can, therefore, be a valuable aid on the way to the top. Besides the Waterfall, eMM solutions also include other features that boost the media monitoring process such as Teamwork, Duplicate Detection and Query Visualization. Whether you want to get more information on Waterfall or on the other eMM features, you can leave us a message or request a free demo for the full eMM Pegasus experience.

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