Youtube: Why it is worth keeping an eye on the social TV pioneer

Youtube: Why it is worth keeping an eye on the social TV pioneer

Despite the rapid development of video content in social media networks, YouTube continues to be the most used for consuming them (35%) – followed by Facebook (25%) and TikTok (19%; HubSpot, 2021).

YouTube was founded in 2005 and due to its success it was bought by the online giant Google only one year later. By 2022, people all around the globe watch a billion hours of content every day and generate around 2.6 billion visits each month.

YouTube Advertisement Market

Of course, companies around the globe are well aware of this enormous reach. Not surprisingly, YouTube’s biggest advertiser is one of the world’s most successful companies: Apple.

Advertisement placed on the platform is well received: Statistics show that completely viewed commercials can highly increase the likelihood of subscribing to a channel and thus trigger high interest in a product or brand. Even if the ads are skipped their reach is immense, which means that there is a positive effect on people’s awareness of a company.

The Second Most Popular Platform for Influencer Marketing

Often, however, it is not the obviously implemented ads that interest viewers – whether advertisers like it or not, not everyone is keen on commercials that start automatically. Most viewers are interested in real reviews, product tests, and recommendations from people they identify with.

Influencers or vloggers who test products full-time or who report on specific subject areas with expertise are big in business. In 2021, the most successful YouTuber, MrBeast, earned $ 54 million from creating and publishing videos – that is the most a YouTuber has ever cashed before. With more than 10 billion views accumulated, he is also considered one of the world’s highest paid entertainers.

Observe Comments about your Service or Product on YouTube

For companies worldwide, YouTubers and influencers are both a blessing and a curse. Of course, you are beaming with joy when you find that your own product or company has been praised in front of an audience of millions; but it also occurs that products are being torn apart and viewers are strongly advised not to buy.

The question is: How can you detect negative publicity on YouTube and how can you manage to react quickly?

The answer is social video monitoring.

Depending on your needs, eMedia Monitor can process and evaluate any selected YouTube channel. Our media monitoring solution automatically captures the terms you are looking for while they are mentioned. Then, a real-time notification pops up on your device and the content is immediately available.

This is the easiest way to keep an eye on the YouTube universe.

Besides, the eMM monitoring solution comes with a range of clever features that improve your monitoring experience such as the Waterfall or the Editorial Workflow.

If you would like to know more about how you can benefit from YouTube and social TV content monitoring, our experts will be happy to advise. Contact us or directly book a free demo:

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