A Close Look at the Monitoring Trend

A Close Look at the Monitoring Trend

The media monitoring tools market is expected to see continued growth in the coming years. According to reports, it will achieve a 13.2% CAGR between 2021 and 2028 to reach $7.25 billion.

Despite - or possibly because of - the pandemic and other recent events, the number of companies acquiring media monitoring tools and making daily use of them is growing steadily. But what exactly is media monitoring and how can you benefit from it?

What is Media Monitoring?

Media monitoring is the process of observing how the topics you are interested in develop in the media of any kind.

For example, it is an easy way to keep track of your company’s mentions as well as of competition’s developments or those within your industry. Any change of national or international laws, import regulations, or the availability of raw materials are announced in the media. A media monitoring tool would send out alerts as soon as one of your chosen topics is being reported on – given that search profiles for these topics were set beforehand.

The same applies if profiles are created to monitor competing companies. The biggest competitor is involved in a scandal, has landed a huge deal, has just been taken over or is in financial difficulties? All this information is delivered directly to media monitoring users just seconds after it was broadcast – depending on the media monitoring tool.

Crisis Management

Accuracy and speed are a great advantage media monitoring deliversto public relations professionals and any company that wants to be prepared to respond to any crisis.

Events like the Corona virus outbreak underline the importance of traditional media to disseminate reliable and trustworthy information. In times of whole floods of fake news circulating in digital spaces, classic radio and TV offer access to high-quality and comprehensible news.

Media monitoring solutions such as Pegasus by eMedia Monitor provide media coverage about your topic of interest in real time, bringing reliable information right to your desk in the blink of an eye.

Public Relations

PR and corporate communication also benefit significantly from a tailor-made monitoring solution. In addition to the real-time notifications, tonality analysis offers great advantages such as the possibility to better assess the public opinion and thus improve the company’s reputation by quickly adapting PR measures.

Moreover, when acquiring a media monitoring solution, it pays off to go for one that allows assigning a sentiment (positive, neutral, or negative) to the results of your media monitoring searches.

Access Anywhere & Anytime

Companies need to be kept up to date on their important issues at all times – in real time and from all the countries and regions relevant to them. Thanks to media monitoring tools that can be managed independently, customers don’t need to wait to receive a daily, weekly or even monthly media monitoring report from an external company.

eMM’s automated Pegasus platform allows the client to see information filtered according to their interests in a clear and well-structured user interface. The effort for users monitoring the media is low and the operation of the online platform simple. Thus, eMM makes media monitoring accessible to all companies.

Assessment of Communication Measures

Measuring and evaluating communication measures requires a lot of daily effort that keeps you away from other important tasks. Here is where clever media monitoring solutions come into play. Media coverage can be tracked, analyzed and transformed into insightful reports that can be shared with other departments within the company or used to prove the impact of marketing/PR strategies to the executive team.

Moreover, future company measures can be developed based on facts and it becomes easier to comprehend where the budget goes.

Brand Building

Does your company appear on the national or the international media? Does the media even know that your company exists? You can find out using a media monitoring solution.

Media monitoring can help establishing a brand. Find out whether your own company is mentioned on the media, how often, what is reported about it, and much more. All this is useful information that can be the key to success in building a strong brand.

eMedia Monitor – The Best Media Monitoring Provider

Not all media monitoring solutions are the same. In order to save cost and effort right from the start, it is necessary to choose the right media monitoring provider according to one’s requirements. For example, if a company needs to monitor different media and/or countries, resorting to separate providers for each media and/or country is not the optimal solution since this quickly becomes complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

eMM makes media monitoring easy. Customers can choose from more than 3,400 TV and radio channels in 75 countries and multiple languages. Besides, they can also monitor podcasts, online news, web-TV, and web text according to their needs.

This plays a decisive role in terms of flexibility. If countries, channels or media are eventually to be added or removed from your media monitoring plans, an all-round provider is a must.

Would you like to receive further information about the eMM media monitoring solutions? Our team will be happy to assist you, contact us!

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