eMM Boosts Radio and TV Monitoring in Spain and Latin America

eMM Boosts Radio and TV Monitoring in Spain and Latin America

As one of the worldwide media monitoring technology leaders, eMedia Monitor provides state-of-the-art monitoring of TV, radio and web TV in Spain and Latin America. From Argentina and Bolivia to Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, just to mention some of the countries eMM is present in.

Additionally, through strategic alliances, eMM also provides press and social media monitoring – according to clients’ needs.

The PR and marketing industry in Spanish-speaking countries is continuously gaining momentum. eMM works with many leading organizations allover Spain and Latin America: they have all chosen the advanced Pegasus Media Monitoring system, which currently covers more than 1.000 TV and radio channels in these two regions, to track the topics of their interest.

Apart from a constantly growing list of channels, businesses in Spain and Latin America also benefit from:

  • 24/7 coverage and real-time analysis
  • Speech recognition (speech-to-text) adapted to the Spanish language
  • Intuitive self-service web platform accessible anytime
  • Personalized, automated real-time alerts: around 30 seconds after broadcast
  • Sentiment analysis: determines the tone of the content: positive, negative or neutral
  • Professional customer service and technical support in Spanish

Compared to manual media monitoring companies, the automated eMM media monitoring solution detects up to 30% more relevant mentions. In addition, eMedia Monitor provides a wide range of clever features to facilitate media monitoring: Teamwork and editorial workflow, the Waterfall View – real-time information on a single screen -, Duplicate Detection, and Query Visualization.

Through the unique combination of innovative technology, extensive coverage and user-friendly operation, businesses are well equipped to expand their marketing and PR strategies, improve daily business or tackle any upcoming crisis with targeted communication.

eMM’s Global Expansion

eMM wins more and more customers using Pegasus to automatically monitor their presence in Latin American and Spanish broadcast media. But eMM’s reach and success goes well beyond these two regions.

Since its f foundation in 2007, eMM has expanded allover the world, from Europe to the Americas, Africa or the Middle East, and has become the primary technology leader in TV, radio and web-TV monitoring. Over the years, eMM has gained excellent acceptance and recognition in the global market. It has redefined the standards in the media monitoring industry, pioneering innovations like speech-to-text, 24/7 real-time broadcast monitoring and the highest reliability standards.

If you want to find out more about eMM’s coverage in Latin America, Spain, or in any other part of the world, leave us a message. Our team gladly puts together a tailor-made solution meeting your requirements.


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