Crisis management and the impact of monitoring

"We did not see that coming!". We all know, this is probably the worst sentence to be said in a crisis situation. But take a look at your own business or inspect your customers: Is your company really prepared for a crisis? When we talk about crisis management, we are not speaking about the forces of nature or political disaster here, today's crisis management is mainly about protecting one‘s company, its market share and the associated profit from the effects of negative headlines or events. At best, there is already a crisis management plan in place - but this is unfortunately only common in large, international enterprises. However, crises often also hit small or medium size companies that have to ...
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Bringing realtime to social media monitoring

Traditionally, eMedia Monitor is all about 24/7 real-time monitoring of radio and TV content. For many years, eMM has been a reliable partner to international companies in this industry and has helped customers with innovative technologies to not miss anything said about their industry, customers or any other topic of interest. Motion picture is an indispensable part of the media landscape, since the combination of picture and sound is the simplest way for the brain to process information, much easier than written text. Publishers are well aware of this fact, which is why many magazines are now supplemented by online portals that provide video content. Motion picture is more important and present than ever, which the video portal Youtube impressively ...
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One fits all? The perfect monitoring solution for any customer

In the search for the perfect monitoring solution, one will sooner or later stumble upon the eMM "Country Packages" - but what exactly is this and what are the differences to other models? A Country Package includes a number of the most relevant broadcast channels in a country to ensure good overall coverage. All this, of course, 24/7, as usual in real time and in the same quality as originally broadcasted. Depending on the size of the selected country, shares of private & public broadcasters and audience reach, a package usually contains between 10 and 20 channels. The Argentine Country Package for example contains 15 channels while the USA package includes 54. Country Packages are particularly useful if companies and ...
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Presenting our Data Cubes - eMedia Monitor - AMEC

Presenting our BI by eMM Industry Data Cubes for Business Intelligence

AMEC as the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication is the largest media intelligence and insights professional organisation worldwide. They were also host to this years summit „DATA: Analytics, Algorithms, Augmentation“ in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic. We were pleased to have been invited to present our new innovative product BI by eMM Data Cubes at AMEC in Prague to a wide group of high-caliber industry representatives. The audience was eager to know more about the BI by eMM Data Cubes, especially the group of Business Intelligence users. The easy integration of broadcast data into existing business databases is an innovation that creates value when it comes to recognizing correlations between external events and internal data ...
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Business Intelligence as a game changer

Business intelligence as a game changer

It would be an absolute understatement to say that trends in the media and PR industry have been evolving a lot over the last few years. These branches and their way of working with data is constantly changing and always in need for better technologies and insights. Just like private customers, PR and marketing specialists want to be able to choose exactly what information they consume. Instead of randomly switching on the TV and absorbing all aired program, zapping through programmes or intentionally wasting time watching shows that aren’t even really interesting, customers change their habits into more conscious ways of consuming media. They long for possibilites to select the content they consume as well as the time when to ...
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